Guest Player Approval Process

If you would like to apply for guest players, then you must fill out and submit the application linked below by November 6, 2018. It must be accompanied with a copy of your approved State roster (either USYSA or U.S. Club). Teams requesting to use guest players may have no more than the following players present at the tournament, whose numbers may include up to 3 guest players:

Any team requesting the use of guest players will be required to submit those players in writing on this form and will be subject to approval by the Tournament Director.

Please note that guest players are only approved based on a team in the tournament not having sufficient numbers to compete and will not be used as a way to drastically alter their tournament roster or as a vehicle for try-outs or recruitment. In addition, no player can be considered a guest player if their primary carded team is participating in the tournament.

*New this year: Please note that U9 through U19  players can participate on another team within their organization and not be considered a guest player.

All forms should be considered approved unless you are contacted back by the Tournament Director

Guest Player Form


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