espn cup
Bethesda Soccer Club is pleased to announced that we have entered into a partnership with ESPN CUP to help student-athletes pursue their athletic and academic goals. The agreement will come into effect with the 2018 Bethesda Premier Cup.
The affiliation provides student athletes who register with ESPN CUP access to scholarships, ESPN The Magazine and the Sport Rewards app. ESPN CUP affiliated tournaments have a unique, fun and high energy environment. Players, families and sponsors interact and enjoy activities and promotions, adding to the experience of already successful events.
Registered student athletes from each tournament have the opportunity to receive scholarships (for their higher education) by demonstrating Leadership, Character & Sportsmanship on the field of play. Athletes awarded the ESPN CUP Challenge Coin, by coaches from the opposing team, become eligible for the scholarship. Participation with ESPN CUP Soccer Series provides an environment for students to grow on and off the field.
For players to be considered their parents will need to fill out a waiver which can be found  here  . This is not a tournament requirement. By signing up parents will also receive, at no additional cost, the ESPN CUP Sports Reward App. If you have any questions please contact